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Cambridge: Shameless Mondays / Lola Lo 16th April

April 16, 2018 at Shameless in Cambridge.



Guestlist is £3 this week before midnight


We are the Fat Poppadaddys team – the guys behind the ORIGINAL Monday night mash up… bored of the same old cheesy nights get involved..



We are at Cambridge‘s best and most exclusive venue Lola Lo, assisted by the team behind the legendary Fat Poppadaddys and with MCSC we have created the BIGGEST STUDENT MONDAY IN CAMBRIDGE!

Main Room: Our Shameless award winning DJ’s play and eclectic mix of anything from RnB to Dubstep, House and Grime.

Downstairs: Mi Casa Su Casa DJ’s bring there blend of International beats and RnB to the table to create an experience like no other in Cambridge


We also have the cheapest drinks deals of anywhere on a Monday night.

– £1.50 Fosters
– £1.50 Sambuca/Tequila
– £3.50 Jagerbomb
– £4 Single Vodka and mixer
– £5 Double Vodka and mixer





For VIP bookings, birthdays and socials we offer guestlist FREE VIP TABLE and COMPLIMENTARY DRINKS!!

Email info@urshameless.com for more info

Address: Lola Lo, 1-6 Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge
Shameless Mondays / Lola Lo 16th April

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Cambridge: 30 East Drive Ghost Hunt

November 25, 2017 at Worlds Apart Spiritual and Paranormal Society. (W.A.S.P.S) in Cambridge.


WASPS will revisit this renowned epicentre of poltergeist activity as an event in the hope of capturing some of the frequent activity reported at this eerie location. Activity that started in the late 60’s and early 70’s and has recently been put on the big screen via a recent film made about the haunting.
Who is the Black Monk said to be responsible for the activity in this seemingly ordinary 1950’s semi detached house? Who is responsible for the almost daily sightings of a black mass or shadow often in the form of a person stood watching from the stairs? Who is responsible for the throwing of objects and moving of items around the house?
We will be spending the night in this intimate investigation experimenting, investigating and sensing in the hope of shedding some light on the events at 30 East Drive, Pontefract! Tickets are very limited and only 8 will be available to the public.
25/11/17 8pm – 3am
Tickets for this event are £55 per person and only 8 are available to the public.
A £25 deposit will secure your place on this investigation with the remaining £30 balance being due by the 25th of October 2017.
Tea and Coffee will be available for guests, local take away deliver to the house and are located nearby and WASPS will allow guests to order food as long as it does not affect the evenings investigating. We also recommend bringing your own refreshments as a tuck shop will not be available on this investigation.
Please read and agree with our full terms and conditions before booking.

Address: 32 Church Close, Great Wilbraham, Cambridge
30 East Drive Ghost Hunt

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Cambridge: Family Gaming Night – Saturday 25th November 2017

November 25, 2017 at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.


An evening of video gaming for all the family!!

We’ll have more video games consoles and computers out for you to play than you can shake a stick at!

Can you beat dad at Space Invaders, or mum at Pac-Man? Find out at our Family Gaming Night!

We’ll be opening at 6pm for a solid 4 hours of digital entertainment in a fun and family friendly environment. There will be games that everyone can play from retro classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Tetris through to modern examples like Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It’s a great chance for kids and parents to come together, share experiences, compete against each other and talk, talk, talk about how technology and gaming have changed over the years.

A pleasurable event for all the family – kids young and old!!

The Pac Lunch shop will be open offering tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolate, crisps and cereal bars to provide energising sustenance!

The event starts at 6pm and finishes at 10pm

Under 5’s are free.

Address: Rene Court, Coldhams Road, Cambridge
Family Gaming Night - Saturday 25th November 2017

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Cambridge: Safari Equine Course – 6 Days of Lectures, Practical Sessions &

November 05, 2017 at VetPD – Veterinary Professional Development in Cambridge.


VetPD has combined a week-long safari experience at the Mongena Game Lodge, near Johannesburg, South Africa, with a total of 18 hours of cutting-edge lectures, case discussions and practical sessions (equivalent to 4 full days of continuing education). The following internationally renowned speakers will be involved with this course: Virgina Reef (University of Pennsylvania, USA), Roger Smith (Royal Veterinary College, UK), Scott Pirie (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Tom Stout (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) & Andy Fiske-Jackson (Royal Veterinary College, UK).

The Mongena Game Lodge is situated in the malaria-free north-western section of Dinokeng Game reserve, 1h from Johannesburg International Airport. There the ‘Big Five’ (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard & rhinoceros) roam wild and free in the 18,500 hectare game reserve. Bass fishing, spa facilities and the obligatory swimming pool will provide you with the ideal environment to relax with your friends and accompanying partner/guest.

Join us for 18 hours of cutting edge lectures and case discussions as well as 14 hours of wetlabs on live horses with topics including but not limited to:

Orthopaedic Radiology
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Orthopaedic Therapies including Regenerative Medicine
Orthopaedic Surgery
Medical Ultrasound
ECG Acquisition and Interpretation
Cardiac Auscultation
Fertility Problems of the Stallion
Colic in the periparturient mare RAO & Inflammatory Airway Diseases
Medical Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Address: 9 Foxhollow, Bar Hill, Cambridge
Safari Equine Course - 6 Days of Lectures, Practical Sessions &

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Cambridge: Moneypenny Productions present: “The One Way Ticket!”

October 28, 2017 at The Cambridge Belfry Hotel & Spa in Cambridge.


Moneypenny Productions present: “The One Way Ticket!”

Steam driven spooky going’s on aboard the “NightCrawler”

In the Golden Age of Steam the journey aboard the NightCrawler was supposed to be a simple one. Overnight from Victoria it should have taken the four travellers trapped in carriage number 11 just under two hours to reach Canterbury. Who had locked the doors to the carriage? Why were the occupants travelling by night? Where is the haunting melody of the singing child coming from? Four travellers set off but for one of them… This will be their final destination.

Steam driven spooky going’s on aboard the “NightCrawler”
All aboard for Murder? Beware the lure of the NightCrawler.

Date || Saturday 28th October 2017
Venue || The Cambridge Belfry Hotel
Address || Back Lane, Cambourne CB23 6BW
Email || cambridgebelfryevents@qhotels.co.uk
Web || http://www.qhotels.co.uk/our-locations/the-cambridge-belfry/
Start time @ 7.30pm
Price per detective || £35 per person
For tickets contact Chloe Johnson || Wedding and Special Events Coordinator
Or call 01954 714691
Includes || Entertainment with 3 course Meal & Murder!

Social Media: #Cambourne #Cambs #Cambridge
Twitter: @QHotels
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QHotels


Due to popular demand these events are consistently #SOLDOUT
Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment

© Moneypenny Productions 2016
Production Company Contact: Lawrence Brown: sales@moneypennyproductions.co.uk

Address: Back Lane, Cambourne, Cambridge
Moneypenny Productions present: “The One Way Ticket!”

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Cambridge: Damian Clarke + Kent Nielsen live at The Elm Tree

October 15, 2017 at The Elm Tree in Cambridge.



Kent Nielsen is Danish but living in Lübeck (North Germany). He’s got a history as an author, percussionist, shoe shop clerk, record label guy, mailorder honcho, night porter and ukulele player a.o. But there’s one thing he’s been doing for ages – and that’s singing.

He just completed an old project: ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’ – his first „solo album“.
Roughly half of the roots rock colored songs were written together with Stefan Kletetzka (DEEP RIVER), some are brand new while a couple dates back to Kent and Stefan’s time in ONE BAR TOWN. Hence nothing seemed more appropriate than getting their old rhythm section Skinny Kaspereit and Thorsten Luck on board for that part of the recording sessions which took place in Göttingen’s Out-O-Space Studios. Three covers were added, one by GLEN CAMPBELL and another two originally written by EDDIE & THE HOT RODS and C.V. JØRGENSEN featuring Kent solo on the ukulele. Three more songs, drenched in Mod and 60s sounds, were written together with Helge Reich (JAM TODAY) and two musicians from his current band RUTSCHBAHN DREI, Jens C. Möller and Dirk Holtkötter. This part of the recordings took place in Hamburg’s Tonhotel Studio.
The album also includes guest appearances from George Whitfield (FIDDLEBOX, ex-PRESSGANG) and Martin Wenk (CALEXICO, NADA SURF, JUDITH HOLOFERNES).

The press about ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’:

„ … between the HOT RODS and CALEXICO. The Power of the songs is enormous, while leaving enough room for the traditional band format. One wants to hear these songs loud, and although Kent Nielsen plays Folk or Americana, at least technically seen, the tunes invite you to bang your head. Folk hasn’t got to be “nice” and also, today’s musical world still has more to offer than sentimental love songs. Thanks to Kent Nielsen”. (Chris Elstrodt, Folker Magazine, 11/2016)

” … add lyrics, which bear testimony to the life experience of the man (for instance ‘Suffer in Subtlety”. (8 out of 10, Slam Music Magazine # 88, 11-12/2016)

“… an infectious mix of folk, country and rock, with an unmistakable instinct for the right groove flattering your hearing senses. Full of warmth and grace, Kent tells you stories from his life mixed with the odd cover version by John Hartfield and Glen Campbell a. o.” (5 out of 6 points, inMusic # 09-10/2016)

„Recommended listening tips, the snappy single ‘Star Wars Diaries’, the folky ‘Platform No. 3’ and the 60s tinged ‘Suffer In Subtlety’ to name a couple. An elegant and diverse Album which, despite all the variety, comes across with one consistent sound”.
(Manfred Upnmoor / Ultimo)

„ … with him (Kent) it’s all about the song – whether it’s cover versions of tunes essential to him such as ‘Gentle On My Mind’, catchy roots rock tracks, country swing or solo on the ukulele. Thus ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’ has turned out a mirror image of just exactly what characterizes Kent Nielsen as a roots musician.” (Ullrich Mauer, gästeliste.de, 09/2016)

„ … (the album) turned out very diverse and exciting. Every song is holding surprises and unexpected turns. … who ever is capable of „whistling“ EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS on the ukulele, has got to be a good human being”. (8 out of 10, Ox # 128 10-11/2016)


Address: 16A Orchard Street, Cambridge
Damian Clarke + Kent Nielsen live at The Elm Tree

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Cambridge: Oliver Cromwell House Ghost Hunt – £49

October 07, 2017 at Fright Nights Cambridgeshire in Cambridge.


Join Fright Nights Cambridgeshire for an evening at Oliver Cromwell’s former residence which is actively haunted to this day. Many sightings have been documented over the years including the ghostly sounds of childrens’ laughter, footsteps which echo along corridors and down the staircases, and jangling keys are frequently heard. Or will you experience your shoe laces being constantly untied? Is this the ghostly children or is it the Lord Protector himself who is famously renowned for being a prankster. Our Oliver Cromwell House Ghost Hunt includes:

Guided tour detailing the history and hauntings
Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
Psychic experiments including seances, glass divination and more..
Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
Hot Drinks and Biscuits
Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location at night!

Oliver Cromwell House Ghost Hunt - £49

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Cambridge: Big Girls Don’t Cry at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

September 29, 2017 at Cambridge Corn Exchange in Cambridge.


They had a sound, that had never been heard before. The Radio just could not get enough of them and neither can we. Join Big Girls Don’t Cry as we celebrate the music of four ordinary guys from New Jersey that change the musical world as we knew it.

The show revives the beauty of harmonies that built and made the hits that flew through the charts in the 60’s & 70s such as Sherry, December 1963 (Oh What a Night), Walk Like a Man, Rag Doll and Big Girls Don’t Cry. This super group sold over 100 million records worldwide, there’s a four seasons song that has a place in everyone’s heart.

Join the boys in an all new show for 2017, for a musical night stack with hits that will have you dancing in the aisles. Big Girls Don’t Cry another Easy Theatres Production – the critically-acclaimed spectacular that is taking the UK by storm.

Address: Wheeler Street, Cambridge
Big Girls Don

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Cambridge: Stone Broken headline Subterranean Festival

September 23, 2017 at Cambridge Corn Exchange in Cambridge.


A new one-day indoor rock and indie Festival

SUBTERRANEAN will be an all-day event, aimed at music fans of all ages. The venue will be used in a new creative way with three small stages (The Inferno Stage, The Labyrinth Stage and The Underworld Stage) placed inside the venue’s main auditorium rotating to provide the very best local talent alongside some national bands from the worlds of rock and indie. The upstairs bar of the venue will become The Lair, featuring the very best in acoustic rock and indie, and there will also be music in the venue’s main bar. The event will also have festival shopping area and food.

Address: Wheeler Street, Cambridge
Stone Broken headline Subterranean Festival

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Cambridge: Go Gliding – 5 day course

September 04, 2017 at Cambridge Gliding Centre (CGC) in Cambridge.


Is your ambition to learn to fly and one day become a solo glider pilot?

Then join one of our 5 day “Go Glidingcourses at the Cambridge Gliding Centre, Gransden Lodge Airfield, suited to both beginners and improvers.

You will quickly find that these courses are an enjoyable way to develop your hands-on flying skills and gain theoretical knowledge through inclusive ground school.

This could be you!

Training is carried out in the Cambridge Gliding Centre’s modern, rugged, 2-seater, dual-control, high-performance gliders under the supervision of experienced British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructors. Training follows the BGA’s syllabus.

Address: Gransden Lodge Airfield, Longstowe Rd, Little Gransden, Cambridge
Go Gliding - 5 day course

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