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February 13, 2016 at ExCeL London in London.


Date: 13th of February 2016
Location: Excel London UK

Time Schedule:
Saturday 13th of February 2016
09:00 – 12:00 Practice
10:00 – 11:30 On site registration
12:30 – Time trials qualifying
14:30 – Knock out Finals
Time schedule under reservation

Pre registration can be done online at www.pumpbattle.com,
You also can register on location, but be aware that there are only 50 spots per category. Pre registration is recommended.
Registration fee: 15,- GBP (to be paid at location)

Prize money
– Men: Total prize money: 500,00 GBP
o 1st 300,00 GBP
o 2nd 150,00 GBP
o 3rd 50,00 GBP
– Women: Total prize money: 175,00 GBP
o 1st 100,00 GBP
o 2nd 50,00 GBP
o 3rd 25,00 GBP
– Men 15-: Goodies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
Note: Prize money only will be, if there are more than 16 participants in a category.

The event has an open qualifying round (open for everybody with a bike and a helmet), followed by final knock out rounds.

During qualifying and the finals pedalling is aloud.
Riders are aloud to use pedals where the shoes are stuck to the pedal by a clipping system (clip pedals).

Race categories:
The Dual Pump events have 3 race categories:
Category 1: Boys 16 and over
Category 2: Boys 15 and under
Category 3: Girls

To run a category, there need to be more than 8 registered participants. If this is not the case, participants of this category will join another category.

Qualifying round
In the qualifying round, the 32 fastest riders per category qualify for the finale rounds.
Note 1: By less than 32 riders in a category, 16 riders qualify for the final.
Note 2: By less than 16 riders in a category, 8 riders qualify for the final.

– Starting order by signup order, and by category. Starting with category 1, followed by 2 and 3.
– 1 run per rider
– All riders have to set their time on the same track. Track side will be determined by the organisation on day of qualification, before pratice.
– When a rider gets off track, he is disqualified for this run. The rider will have 1 re-run opportunity. This rider will be added at the bottom of the qualifying starting list of his category.

The head 2 head finals run by a knock-out system.
In every run 2 qualified riders will go head 2 head.
– Riders selection by qualification times, the fastest qualifier will go head 2 head with the slowest qualifier, see schedule below:
– In every heat the fastest qualifier will have lane/course choice.
– The fastest rider per heat will qualify for the next round, until there are only 2 riders left to battle for the win.
– The semi final drop-outs will go head 2 head to battle for 3rd place.
– Day ranking, of drop-outs in quarter, 1/8 en 1/16 finals are done by qualifying times.
Only riders in the final get points for the PB World Series – Dual Pump ranking.

PB World Series – Dual Pump standings
All “Dual Pump” events of the series together, create the “PB World Series – Dual Pump standings”, which determines the PB Dual Pump World Series winner every year.

The PB World Series – Dual Pump ranking points for single events:
1st 100 pts 9th 8 pts
2nd 75 pts 10th 7 pts
3rd 60 pts 11th 6 pts
4th 50 pts 12th 5 pts
5th 25 pts 13th 4 pts
6th 20 pts 14th 3 pts
7th 15 pts 15th 2 pts
8th 10 pts 16th 1 pts

The Dual Pump standings will be updated after every event and published on the PB website (www.pumpbattle.com). After the last event the final standings will be published on the PB website.

The top 2 riders of every single Dual Pump event are qualified for the PB World Championships in October.

Riders insurance
To participate in any PB World Series event, all participants need to read, fill in and sign the PB World Series – OWN RISK WAIVER.

Participants are obliged to provide their own insurance coverage.
Note: participants under the age of 16, need to have the waiver signed by his/her parent.

Riders behavior at events
Riders participating in the PB World Series shall act as professional sportsmen, and do not bring the organiser or any PB World Series partner in disrespect. The riders respect the PB World Series officials, and follow their instructions at any time during the event.

Riders safety
Riders will bring with her/him all equipment needed in fully operational condition:
– Suitable bike
o No bikes with any kind of automatically transmission,
o Minimum size wheels = 20 inch,
o No protruding parts on the bike, which can injure other riders.
– Protection gear
o Helmet: open face mandatory, full face recommended,
o Pants or knee protection is mandatory,
o T-shirt is mandatory, long sleeve with pads is recommended.

For pre registration, our rulebook or other information about the PB World Series please visit our website: www.pumpbattle.com or follow us at social media:
– www.facebook.com/pumpbattleseries.com
– www.instagram.com/pumpbattle

We hope to see you at the London Bikeshow!

Your Pump Battle Team

Address: One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London

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