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Manchester: Occlusion in a modern world

March 04, 2016 at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Occlusion, occlusal restoration, TMD and vertical dimension

EARLY BIRD PRICING ends 11 January:
BDA member £195 | Non member £285 | DCP £95

Regular pricing:
BDA member £245 | Non member £335 | DCP £145

Learning objectives:
– Understand the relevance and application of a range of techniques available to the modern dental practitioner
– Become better informed by current evidence
– Improve confidence in managing patients with occlusal problems safely.

Relevant for dentists at all levels of experience and working within a variety of clinical environments, this seminar provides an in depth day on the theory and clinical practice of occlusion in the 21st century. Through the use of case examples and video demonstrations, speakers Phil Taylor and Peter Briggs will discuss a wide range of procedures available to the busy modern dental practitioner. Highlights of which include:

– Management of TMD
– Facebow and articulators
– Vertical dimension change – for fixed, removable and implants restorations
– Diagnostic and working jaw registrations for conventional removable, fixed and implant restorations
– Tooth preparation and the choice of material for coverage of occlusal aspects of teeth
– Management of the parafunctional patient
– Creation of occlusal space and the functional need to replace teeth.

Address: Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester
Occlusion in a modern world

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Manchester: 3MT & SCT Focus Group 2016

January 16, 2016 at Square Circle Theatre in Manchester.

The crowdfunder has been enlightening and it’s inspired the need for a focus group. 3MT and SCT will be travelling together from 2016. That’s a bigger picture indeed and one that needs more people looking at it.

Leaders of groups in Manchester who engage with either of these groups are welcome to join us

Contact Gina: gina@manchestershakespearecompany.co.uk

The day and time is not fixed. We’re flexible to suit those interested in joining this group. Thank you!

Address: Afflecks Arcade 35 39 Oldham Street, Manchester
3MT & SCT Focus Group 2016

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Manchester: Manchester Antifascists Head to Dover

January 30, 2016 at Manchester in Manchester.

On Saturday 30th January neo-Nazis and racists from across the UK will head to the coastal town of Dover for an anti-refugee protest. Far-right groups are trying to exploit the “migrant crisis” to whip up racial hatred and bring about ever-harsher controls on those coming to the UK.
Manchester Antifascists will be standing with Kent Anti-Racist Network and a growing list of trade union and community organisations to show working class resistance to the neo-Nazis. We are organising transport from Manchester to Dover and back over the weekend of the 30th, it will cost between £15 and £20. Email us directly at manchesterantifascists@riseup.net to book your place or for further information. Register your interest before Saturday the 16th of January in order for us to book appropriate transport.

Manchester Antifascists Head to Dover

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Manchester: SCOTT BRADLEE’S POSTMODERN JUKEBOX | Live at The Albert Hall | 4th March 2016

March 04, 2016 at The Albert Hall in Manchester.


Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox has been viewed on the ensemble’s YouTube channel well over a hundred million times. Most of those doing the viewing, however, are not fully aware of the method to Bradlee’s madness.

On the surface, the method is video – clips of full-band performances (that’s Bradlee on piano) shot in the bandleader’s living room with a single stationary camera. The madness: pop hits of the present performed à la pop hits of the past. Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” assayed as a doo-wop number; Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” tricked out in flapper jazz; Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” rendered a 1940s big-band standard.

In fact, Bradlee’s method runs deeper. He’s educating his audience about 20th-century song styles; he’s commenting on the elasticity of the pop form; he’s confounding cultural context; he’s uniting generations; he’s breaking the rules. He’s manifesting postmodernist ideas in his approach to production and business as well as music. But as far as the fans are concerned, it’s just fun (and sometimes funny). Bradlee himself will tell you, simply, “I reimagine a song in another style because I want to hear it that way.”

Clearly, so does everyone else, as evidenced by PMJ’s presence on concert stages (stateside and abroad) and Billboard’s Jazz Albums chart, where its self-released 2014 opus “Historical Misappropriation” landed in the Top 10 alongside John Coltrane’s “Offering: Live at Temple University” and “All Rise: A Joyful Elegy for Fats Waller.”

This proximity of Bradlee’s outfit to Waller is particularly fitting; the former, a self-taught jazz pianist, considers the latter, an innovator of the Harlem stride style who helped lay the groundwork for modern jazz piano, a key influence, as is Jellyroll Morton, James P. Johnson and Art Tatum.

Which isn’t to discount the importance to Bradlee’s development of Michael Jackson’s “Bad,” the vinyl incarnation of which was, he says, “the first album I ever loved.” That was when he was six, growing up in Pattenburg, New Jersey, where he moved at four from Nesconset, New York. He took piano lessons, but they didn’t take. Then, at age 12, Bradlee heard “Rhapsody in Blue” and was forever changed. “I got the sheet music and taught myself how to play it,” he recalls. “I started wondering, ‘Where does this come from? What else sounds like this?’”

Asked what appealed to him about the popular music of the 1920s, ragtime especially, he says, “I could play it fast and loud. It was brash. And it had contempt for rules, which really appealed to me.”

Bradlee began his career as a jazz pianist during high school with a standing gig at a local eatery; he began his career as a pop-cultural provocateur during high school with a “this might be cool” ragtime medley of classic rock songs. “Not much has changed,” he says of the lyrical content of pop music. “In the 1920s, in the ’60s and ’70s, today – it’s still about love and drinking and dancing.”

He pursued Jazz Studies at the University of Hartford, then moved to New York to become a starving artist. He booked gigs, but as he puts it, “Jazz pianists are a dime a dozen in New York City.” So he moved to Astoria to save on rent and, in 2009, started making videos. “There was this niche on YouTube where people were doing experimental, interesting, funny things with music,” he notes. “It was another way to reach an audience.”

Bradlee’s first video was straight-up jazz. He didn’t have much footage of himself, however, so he decided to try a video experiment of his own: a ragtime medley of ’80s pop. He managed to amass 100 views. But through one of those viewers, Neil Gaiman discovered him. The author tweeted Bradlee’s flying fingers to his millions-strong Twitter following. Within a week, Bradlee reports, “more people had seen that video than had seen me play live my entire life.”

Things went viral from there, affording Bradlee and the coalescing Postmodern Jukebox a receptive online crowd. Among Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox’s subsequent hits are a New Orleans-flavored take on Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine” – 3+ million views; the “grandpa-style” reiteration of “Thrift Shop” – 6 million views; and “We Can’t Stop” – 10.5 million views. Media coverage, including the likes of “Good Morning America” and NPR, ensued.

How does he come up with this stuff? “A lot of pop songs are constructed of elements that lend themselves to a certain feel,” he points out. “The simple progression of the bass line in ‘Blurred Lines,’ for instance, reminded me of bluegrass. ‘Sweet Child’ sounds like an old blues song – the structure, the way the chorus repeats …” With Cyrus, it was more an instance of tongue-in-cheeky cultural criticism: “She’d gained all that notoriety from her 2013 VMA appearance. I had to recast her song for the ’50s, which everyone thinks of as this squeaky-clean era.”

Then there were the gifts from the pop-music gods, like Meghan Trainor’s #1 hit “All About That Bass.” Bradlee knew a musician-singer named Kate Davis. “I’d wanted to do something with Kate for a while,” he reveals, “but I was waiting for the right song to come along.” Check the PMJ video for “All About That Bass” and you’ll find Davis singing – and playing stand-up bass. If you do click there, you’ll be in good company: 3.5 million views and counting.

The mashup of Davis and Trainor is some good old-fashioned A&R. The repertoire Bradlee selects for PMJ’s vocal artists has furnished a platform for some very talented but previously little-known performers. And it’s not just the eyeballs afforded by YouTube; Bradlee provides an intuitive musical context for the singular gifts of these singers that allows them to be seen in a new light – it’s as if he’s somehow cracked the code to their essential appeal.

Take Puddles. “Last week, a seven-foot clown dropped by my apartment to sing an epic cover of Lorde’s ‘Royals.’ NBD,” Bradlee blogged in November of 2013. Puddles the Clown (née Michael Geier), frontman for Puddles Pity Party, is possessed of a dramatic baritone that has thrilled cabaret-goers for years – but it wasn’t until Bradlee asked Puddles to cover “Royals” in his signature style that he clicked with a mainstream audience. The reinterpretation of Lorde’s chart-topper, just one of Puddles’ collaborations with PMJ, has been viewed more than nine million times.

Discovering talent and knowing what to do with it is fundamental to the business of music. Bradlee is something of a postmodernist here, too, having achieved renown doing everything himself, mostly online, “with no budget” (i.e. using the recording equipment he’d had since college). His adherence to the DIY ethos also suggests the decidedly postmodern form of punk rock. “I was a struggling jazz pianist sitting in my basement apartment in Queens,” he attests, “but I just figured it out and made it happen.”

That said, punk rock is likely not top of mind for those attending a Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox show. The scene is more reminiscent of a speakeasy, with swells in vintage threads swilling Prohibition-era cocktails. “It’s a variety show, a musical revue featuring special guests,” Bradlee illuminates. “Coming to a PMJ show is like time-traveling back to Old Hollywood – it’s an experience.” Creating that for audiences appears to be PMJ’s ultimate mission.

Address: 27 Peter Street , Manchester

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Manchester: UNPLUGGED! A Night of Live Acoustic Music!

January 19, 2016 at Walkabout The Printworks Manchester in Manchester.

Its tuesday again and we have yet another awesome selection of acoustic artists for you.


The night will be presented by the amazing compere, Scott Cullen Steele!

Sets from

Cherry Valentine – www.cherryvalentine.co.uk
The organiser of the event will be opening the night with some covers and her own songs! She has an awesome voice and will be playing some sing along tunes to get you in the mood.

Hari Woski Cawthorne – www.facebook.com/hariwoskicawthorneoffical
Former Lead singer – The Cosmic Crumpets
Now solo artist, check out his set! Not one to miss!

Luke Woods – www.facebook.com/lukewoodsmusic
Talented Folk Singer from Blackpool, Lancashire
“I’m gonna strum away and lay down my weary tune”

Peer Van See – http://www.peervansee.com
Songwriter of German origin, Peer van See, brings us stories of the world, throwing us into themes such as living, disenchanted, beside the ugliness of the world that we know on the one hand, to being curiously cleansed by the beautiful facets of humanity revealed to us, on the other.

Dog Coffee – www.facebook.com/dogcoffee138
Awesome upbeat acoustic artist. The songs are about panic attacks, failed romances, and worshipping Satan.

Gareth Evans – www.garethevansmusic.com
Amazingly talented solo artist performing a range of his own songs and covers.

Mathew Kerry – www.facebook.com/mathewonetkerry
Great folk artist and lyricist who is a real treat to see live. For fans of Frank Turner, Newton Faulkner and similar artists.

James Christy – www.jameschristymusic.com
James Christy is a Preston singer/songwriter now residing in Manchester, UK. James’ songs are artfully and meticulously crafted, he combines high octane Pop with hints of Blues, Funk and Rock. Blending the nostalgic with the contemporary. Delivering tight rhythms that make it impossible not to stamp your feet or dance to.

Address: Dantzic St, Manchester
UNPLUGGED! A Night of Live Acoustic Music!

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Manchester: Soundcrash’s Funk ‘n’ Soul Weekender Manchester Launch – Tribute to Otis Redding with Mudibu & the Jezebel Sextet

March 04, 2016 at Band on the Wall in Manchester.

Originally commissioned by Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival (France) and subsequently touring across Europe, this year’s show pairs the vocal talent of Burundian singer songwriter Mudibu with an authentic Stax sound of Hammond and horns from The Jezebel Sextet. The result is a truly uplifting show that is steeped in raw soul and hard 1960s funk, guaranteed to get you on the good foot.

Mudibu grew up with a heartfelt love of 1960s soul and R&B with a voice to match. He’s performed all over Europe and Africa his album Inzatsa (Fireflies) was released by Akazi records in 2015.

The Jezebel Sextet have toured with singers Sir Joe Quarterman, Rev Chunky, and Randa and the Soul Kingdom, played all over Europe, been broadcast on BBC 6 music, and appeared twice on London’s LBC radio. They appear on Freestyle Records’ Fresh Out The Box compilation and released their debut album Lift It Up in 2012 produced by Leigh Gracie.

‘Cool, slinky, and tight in all the right places’ – Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC 6Music

Address: 25 Swan Street, Manchester
Soundcrash’s Funk ‘n’ Soul Weekender Manchester Launch - Tribute to Otis Redding with Mudibu & the Jezebel Sextet

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Manchester: South Manchester EU Referendum Debate

January 21, 2016 at Hough End Centre Chorlton in Manchester.

Chorlton, Chorlton Park and Whalley Range Labour Party branches are hosting a public meeting to look at the forthcoming EU Referendum from a Labour Perspective.

Our two main speakers on the evening will be Theresa Griffin; MEP for the North-West and Graham Stringer; MP for Blackley and Broughton Constituency in Greater Manchester.

There will be short presentations from each speaker and then opportunity for questions from the floor. You can also submit questions for the debate when you register too.

The meeting is open to all who would like to attend but we do ask that you book a ticket to ensure we have enough seats for all who want to attend.

Doors Open at 7pm with the Event staring at 7:30pm

We look forward to an informative and interesting debate.

Chorlton, Chorlton Park and Whalley Range Labour Party Branches


Address: Mauldeth Road West, Manchester
South Manchester EU Referendum Debate

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March 04, 2016 at Sound Control in Manchester.



Five years ago we started a midweek night called Deadbolt, with the intention of being the night we always wanted to go to. Interactive, guests and caring about our audience were the key components, later adding live bands and huge giveaways in the mix which lead to us moving to Fridays and becoming the number 1 alternative party experience in the city. So…let’s celebrate.


We are opening the celebrations with a 6 band bill (ages 14+) from 7:00pm, and here is who you can expect :

SHIELDS (www.facebook.com.com/shieldsuk)

WSTR (www.facebook.com/wstrband)

LOST ATLANTA (www.facebook.com/lostatlanta)

INHERIT THE STARS (www.facebook.com/inheritthestarsofficial)

BEST YEARS (www.facebook.com/bestyearsuk)

BURY THE MEMORY (www.facebook.com/burythememoryofficial)

We are announcing details of who we have to bring to you for our biggest birthday party yet on January 15th. Be ready.

SHOW + CLUBNIGHT – £5 advance | £7 OTD
CLUBNIGHT ONLY (18+) – £4 advance | £6 OTD

Jagerbombs £2.50 OR 3 for £5!
Bottles / Alcopops £2!
Vodka + mixer £2.50!
Gordon’s gin + mixer £2.50!
Bacardi + mixer £2.50!


Bring Me The Horizon | A Day To Remember | New Found Glory | You Me At Six | Bury Tomorrow | Neck Deep | Parkway Drive | Beartooth | Pvris | Underoath | Fall Out Boy | Funeral For A Friend | Blink 182 | Sleeping With Sirens | Architects | Taking Back Sunday | Northlane | Panic! At The Disco | Issues | The Amity Affliction | Brand New | Alexisonfire | State Champs | Pierce The Veil | While She Sleeps | Four Year Strong | Real Friends | Asking Alexandria | Mallory Knox | In Hearts Wake | Don Broco | Enter Shikari | Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! | Knuckle Puck | Atilla | The Wonder Years | The Ghost Inside | Every Time I Die | Deez Nuts | Moose Blood | Letlive | Blood Youth | Hands Like Houses | Slaves | Heart Of A Coward | Decade | Of Mice & Men | Lower Than Atlantis and many more!


A$ap Rocky / Tinie Tempah / Astroid Boys / O.F.W.G.K.T.A / Wu Tang Clan / Iggy Azalea / Macklemore / Chase & Status / YG / Mos Def / Kid Ink / Drake / Pharrell / Skrillex / Public Enemy / Kanye West / Nicki Minaj / Notorious B.I.G / Death Grips / Major Lazer / Lil’ Jon / I Am Legion / Diplo / Ice Cube…

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/deadboltmanchester

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM – @deadboltclub @illmaticmcr

Address: 1 New Wakefield Street, Manchester

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Manchester: AC/DC & Guns N’ Roses Live Tribute Night

March 04, 2016 at O2 Ritz Manchester in Manchester.


Dirty/DC have been playing throughout the UK and Europe since 1998 and have developed a lineup and stage show that has made their reputation seriously strong amongst AC/DC fans, whether die hard fanatics or people who just want a good night out.
Every visual detail has been fine tuned from the wall of Marshalls to Angus’s footwear, but most importantly the music delivery and stage show has an impact regularly described as “Awesome!”.
Dirty/DC give real value for money with a full show with all the AC/DC favourites from both Bon and Brian eras.

The Guns N’ Roses Experience

It does not get any closer than this people. GnRe have the only singer able to deliver the exact same unique vocal style and stage show synonymous with Classic Axl Rose. GnRe have the only tribute band guitarist OFFICIALLY ENDORSED by MARSHALL AMPS, just like the legend SLASH himself. …

Together with 4 other GnR clones, these guys deliver a sound and look that is unequalled by any other band. Since their very first gig the Guns N’ Roses Experience train has been rolling at an incredible pace, visiting various Middle Eastern countries, mainland Europe, Cyprus, Ireland and all of the major venues in the UK. With a true GN’R sound and stage show, The Guns N’ Roses Experience meticulously recreates every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns ‘N Roses legendary live performances.

Address: Whitworth Street West, Manchester
AC/DC & Guns N

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March 04, 2016 at Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

The RNCM Chamber Music Festival plays an enormous role in the story of the College and is a major event in our calendar. Chamber music is at the core at what we do – the RNCM has a proud tradition of chamber ensemble training and our alumni appear with high profile ensembles such as the Elias, Heath and Navarra String Quartets plus the Gould Piano Trio to name but a few.

Every year, the Chamber Music Festival goes from strength to strength, presenting the opportunity to see our wonderful students, internationally renowned staff and special guests perform beautiful music across a jam-packed weekend. This year is no exception, as we explore German Romanticism in Songs Without Words.

We focus particularly on the music of Mendelssohn and Schumann and our students will be involved in a major composition project, as they are asked to create responses to Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words. So the Festival will include works from across the 19th century but will also dip into the 20th century with composers such as Richard Strauss.

This year’s line-up features some of the finest musicians performing today including the Talich Quartet, Elias Quartet, Michelangelo Quartet, plus RNCM Junior Fellows the Solem Quartet and our International Artist chamber ensemble the Diverso String Quartet. We also welcome chamber groups from Chetham’s, St Mary’s, Junior RNCM, the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Sheffield Music Academy.

So please join us and immerse yourself in this weekend of lush musical landscapes.

Petr Prause artistic director

Download RNCM Chamber Music Leaflet – http://www.rncm.ac.uk/uploads/Chamber_Festival_Spring_2016.pdf

Address: 124 Oxford Road, Manchester

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1 711 712 713 714 715 718