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July 06, 2017 at Didcot, United Kingdom in Didcot.


The study of proteins is a key aspect of the drug design process. This work is underpinned by both functional assays and structural studies, and for these to take place, there is a need for large amounts of pure, stable and well-behaved protein. At the SGC in Oxford we have extensive experience in production of soluble and membrane proteins and importantly we work exclusively with human proteins, the actual targets for drugs. We have produced over 550 soluble proteins and 30 membrane proteins, leading to over 1000 structures. This includes 6 structures of human membrane proteins, the most challenging targets.

This EMBO Practical Course is a continuation of the EMBO Practical Course in Highthroughput Protein Production and Crystallization, organized in Marseille and Oxford since 2005. New speakers, themes and hands on practical sessions will be included, provided by SGC Principal Investigators with extensive experience in protein production and structural biology and leading scientists in academia and industry from around the world. The students will learn how to apply HTP, parallel techniques to their own target protein(s) to speed up the screening and production process, and most importantly, transfer the skills and knowledge to their own institutions.

EMBO Practical Course on High-throughput protein production

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