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August 09, 2017 at Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh.


February 2017.
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

You may already know that this summer the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is celebrating its world famous performance in ‘A Splash of Tartan’, with the Clans of Scotland participating for the first time.

The Clan Maclean’s night is Wednesday 9th August at 9.00pm.

We will be marching on to the esplanade, with our chief, Sir Lachlan Maclean, and it would be wonderful if as many clans people as possible could support the occasion, probably gathering first within the castle walls for the parade. Clan Maclean tartan will be projected on to the battlements that night.

The only requirement by the Tattoo organisers is that we must all wear some piece of Maclean tartan.

The organisers of the tattoo are allowing the prior booking of seats for us until 1st March. I know this is a very tight schedule.

The seats cost £43, £48 or £70 each. The organisers want the Clan members to be spread round the stadium, and we are not allowed to ‘block book’, but we can book up to 8 together.

I have the special password needed for the Clan Maclean to use in booking, prior to 1st March. If you can come [and perhaps bring a party of up to 8 to sit together] reply to me, and I will give you the pass word.

There is a booking fee of £5 for each block of booking.

Before the Parade and Tattoo, the Clan Maclean Association will arrange a reception in Edinburgh, with a ‘high tea’ or equivalent [unfortunately disabled access may not be possible if we go for the free venue that we are considering]. We hope too to arrange transport up to the castle esplanade from there.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope as many as possible will take advantage of it; and support our chief! But we must book before 1st March.

With best wishes,

Vice President
Allan Maclean of Dochgarroch
5 North Charlotte Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4HR

Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh
Join us as we march into Edinburgh Castle

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