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September 02, 2017 at Trinity Paranormal Team in Liverpool.


Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The tunnels were built between 1941-1942 as a Shadow Factory for the Rover car company. Parts for aircraft engines were machined in the 3.5 miles of tunnels throughout WWII. After WWII the tunnels began producing parts for tank engines until 1958 when the tunnels were handed over to the Ministry of Supply, and later Ministry of Works.

In 1961 the British Government converted half of the tunnels into a top secret facility, designated: Regional Seat of Government 9 (R.S.G. 9). Drakelow, along with 12 other facilities scattered across the U.K. formed a national network of highly classified Nuclear Bunkers, that the British Government would operate the country from, in the event of Nuclear War.

In 1980, Drakelow was re-designated: Regional Government Headquarters 9.2 (R.G.H.Q. 9.2). The tunnels were also upgraded and Blast Doors and Air Locks installed to bring the complex up to full Nuclear Bunker status. Through out the 1980’s Drakelow operated under complete secrecy until the end of the Cold War in 1990. In 1993, the Ministry of Defense deemed the facility surplus to requirements, and the entire complex was decommissioned and sold.

Over the years, Draklow has seen its fair share of deaths and unexplained events through out its lifetime. During the construction of the tunnels between 1941 and 1942 there were several tragic accidents that occurred in the tunnels. The first happened on Halloween night in October 31st, 1941, the roof located in Tunnel 1 collapsed. While blasting in Tunnel 1, the roof suddenly caved in without warning, Mr Harry Depper and two of his colleagues who were working in the tunnel were crushed to death by the falling rock. Mr Depper was buried in a local cemetery on the 5th November 1941, sadly the names of his two colleagues are not known.

One evening in late 1993, the caretaker was inspecting the kitchen in the old RSG side of the complex when he began to hear faint 1940’s music, it seemed to be coming from the old Rover Shadow Factory side, thinking it may possibly be a maintenance engineer who had left his radio on he went to investigate. As he approached Tunnel 1, the music began to get louder, as he stepped out into Tunnel 1, the music suddenly stopped. He walked the length of Tunnel 1 to see if he could find the radio, but nothing was found. Upon reaching the old time offce at the end of Tunnel 1 the music started again, the caretaker walked back down the tunnel only to find nothing again. The caretaker now determined to find the mysterious radio, continued his search, this quick inspection then turned into a 6 hour search of the entire complex, but no radio was found. The only piece of equipment that was capable of playing music, was the old WWII tannoy system that had not worked since the 1950’s.

*Extracts of deaths and events taken fromhttp://www.drakelowtunnels.co.uk/paranormal-activity.php

Drakelow Tunnels Paranormal Investigation

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