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October 15, 2017 at triyoga in London.


Anna will be offering a unique series of workshops called ‘precision + subtlety’ – with each session limited to 18 students.


In this smaller group format, a learning environment with detailed instruction will refine and hone the practice allowing for precision and subtlety of experience. Attention to alignment and details will encourage a more conscious and considered approach that lends itself to going deeper into the experience of yoga.

Each workshop offers a different sequence that embodies a particular theme and teaching focus, as well as a different category of poses. Workshops can be taken individually or as a series. The workshop is ideal for teachers, teachers in training and experienced students who wish to further their understanding of modern postural yoga. The intimate format and longer time frame allows for exploration, dialogue and questions.


aligning the girdles’ – This workshop teaches how to align ‘the girdles’ so that poses become artful expressions of integration and awareness. The pelvic and shoulder girdles provide a unique means for adjusting the spine – the thigh bones becoming the steering wheels of the pelvis; the shoulder blades the steering wheels of the shoulder girdle – both involve actions of rotation that can align the spine. When the two girdles fine tune the actual positioning of the spine, the action of extension can then enliven the form so that it becomes a clear channel for the flow of subtle energy and the pose an integrated expression of grace.

Category of poses: a range of poses from the different categories of asana with meditation


03rd Dec: the one in the many

2018: to be confirmed – stay tuned!


Students are expected to have a mature practice of 3+ years. If you have questions about suitability of level, please contact anna@annaashby.com


Anna Ashby has been studying and practising yoga for 20 years and has been teaching since 1999. She holds the highest level of certification by the Yoga Alliance – the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 – and she also holds a B.A. in Modern Dance. The core of Anna’s yoga training and inspiration comes from many years of dedicated study and practice of Siddha Yoga Meditation.™ Anna’s teaching style blends an appreciation for alignment with a real love of movement. She teaches with a steady, upbeat and methodical approach to asana practice that encourages introspection, contemplation as well as fun. Anna regularly leads retreats + trainings in the UK and is on the faculty of the triyoga teacher training programme.

Anna Ashby: aligning the girdles

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