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September 14, 2017 at The well being yoga school in London.


14 September 2017 – CPD 5 hours (£95)


Central London location. 10am to 4pm – 5 hours (1 hour break) Taught by Nathalie Dubreu

THERAPEUTIC YIN YOGA – End of summer energy

Get a clear understanding of the meridian system for therapeutic purposes in the context of Yin yoga. Learn which postures will help the best to release emotional tension associated with either fear (Kidney/bladder), overthinking (spleen/stomach), Sadness (lungs/Large intestine), impatience (Heart/Small intestine), anger (Liver/Gallbladder), and how these emotions affect the physical body with back pains, digestive issues, neck issues, stiffness, headache).

This workshop will focus on SPLEEN associated with end of summer season and how to prepare for the Autumn season.

It is a full day workshop, with lecture on anatomy and energetic anatomy, specific mediations to harmonise the flow of energy and pranayama.

This is a chance to create the bridge of knowledge between Indian and Chinese tradition.

You will be provided with a comprehensive manual on this specific topic including asanas and TCM theory.

For booking please contact nathalie@fluidbody.tv

Address: Shad Thames, London
CPD Yin Yoga - End of Summer Energy

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