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June 20, 2017 at The Last Tuesday Society & The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in London.


Story Time with Viktor Wynd
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Once upon a time, long, long ago Viktor Wynd’s ongoing fascination with narrative structures led to him learning the complete Brothers Grimm & 1001 Nights of by heart. Join him for an unforgettable evening in the bowels of his museum, from The Brothers Grimm’s 19th century collection of German Folk Tales hear ghastly tales of heads being chopped off, little boys being turned into sausages, toads that talk (and are in fact not really toads at all), enchanted kingdoms & Witches eating children. From The Arabian Nights hear delicious and erotic tales of love and perversion, multiple executions, talking gazelles, fish that are not fish at all but are enchanted princes, wishes that come true but give no happiness, Mighty Djinn who eat Kings for breakfast yet are betrayed by their nubile concubines – even when kept locked away in a jar at the bottom of the ocean. From W.B.Yeat’s magnificent collection of Irish Fairy Tales hear tell of the Good People & their shenaningans which do not end at all well for those who bump into them, of The Selkies – a race of men like creatures that spend most of their life at sea resembling seals but come ashore to prey on young maidens. These are the real fairy tales, with real fairies doing what fairies do – and it’s not all nice.
Watch a video of Viktor Wynd telling the story of The Juniper Tree from The Arabian Nights Here

2017 Story Telling Dates
Grim Tales from The Brothers Grimm 24th January & 25th April, Tales from The Arabian Nights 21st February & 23rd May, Irish Fairy Tales 21st March & 20th June

Stories start at 7pm sharp, tickets are £10 each/2 for £16 and include a Hendrick’s G&T and admission to the museum. For £5 extra you can enjoy a pizza in the museum’s cocktail bar afterwards

Address: 11 Mare Street, London
Storytime With Viktor Wynd

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