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June 25, 2017 at Stretch in London.


Develop your true potential through postures, more than just a preparation for meditation – anava upaya (embodied nmeans) can send you direct into the source of your being – an liberating release into the Infinite dance of now. Where the limited ‘you’ is completly disloved into the fundamental spontaneity of present momnet Knowing.

– Improve your postures on all levels
– Undersatnd why the postures are an intergral part of the yogic path to freedom
– Experience direct adjustments and individual pointeres from Jim Tarran whos decades of experience can point you to the Heart of your own pratice in moments

A half day of potent practices with a focus on how to stay in ones cool flowing centre. You will feel amazing after this session: Earthed, Calm, Clear.

Address: 6b Ada Street, London
Yoga morning - Purposeful Posture.

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