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September 30, 2017 at My Pet HQ in Morpeth.


Dr Sue Armstrong is returning back to the North East and this time she is talking about the “C” word; cancer! The occurence of cancer in dogs is on the rise, with more and more dogs who should be in their prime becoming victim of engulfing disease.

There are many factors that can cause cancer and there is a growing acceptance among the dog community that stress and/or diet are two of the leading contributors to why cancer attacks at an individual level. Sue will discuss why this is the case and give us a wider understanding of the biology behind cancer, why it is seen at a higher incidnece in dogs today and what we need to know to support our dogs who already have cancer or to prevent our dog being at risk to developing cancer. The day will focus on improving and suporting longevity in our dogs and how to reduce the incidnece of llife threatening disesaes such as cancer.

Sue will also have her book new book “Cancer in Animals – What is to be Cured?” available to buy on the day.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

A certifiacte of attendance will be provided.

Ticket cost is £65.00

To book or for more information contact Isla on 07970090687 or email her at Isla@kachinacaninecommunication.co.uk

Address: 15-17 Oldgate, Morpeth
Cancer and Your Canine with Dr Sue Armstrong

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