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June 26, 2017 at Penzance, United Kingdom in Penzance.


REGISTER NOW: https://dancingspirittours.com/journeys/england/

QUESTIONS: Email us at Nina@DancingSpiritTours.com

Hidden corners of Cornwall and Wiltshire invite us to explore ancient stone circles, Druids, ‘earth medicine’, the Isle of Avalon, and ‘faery’ nature spirits. Discover rich Celtic traditions and shamanic practices in the same places where the ancestors conducted their sacred ceremonies. Our pilgrimage begins at the foot of the famous Archangel Michael leyline and guides us along rocky coastlines to the magnetic energies of Glastonbury Tor, sacred to every local culture since Neolithic times. Deepen your relationship to your Spirit Guides and the natural world on this fantastical adventure into the heart of Celtic lore.


*Private access to the centre of Stonehenge to watch the sunrise! This is highly unique. Tourists are usually not allowed within 30m of the stones!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

*Practise ancient shamanic wisdom and techniques we will need to thrive through the years to come in these times of great change.

*We will be exploring the roots of pre-Christian England, exploring the indigenous settlers at the dawn of the agricultural revolution.

*Learn about energy medicine and earth philosophies to deepen your relationship with nature and strengthen your intuition.

*Like the goddess Morgaine, we immerse ourselves in a journey of transformation leaving behind the pain of our past and celebrating the spirited community of like-minded pilgrims.

NINA HIRLAENDER is the founder & creator of Dancing Spirit Tours. Nina’s extensive experience in group facilitation and community building create an engaging and reflective spiritual journey. Nina’s teaching focuses on a combination of embodied exercises to encourage a deepening of experiential spirituality and a strong historical approach and archeological understanding of the land, its history and cultural evolution. Nina studied at York University and the prestigious Studio 58 Conservatory, earning a BFA in Theatrical Production. Nina’s continued training at the University of Catalunya in Barcelona, earned her a diploma in Designing Sustainable Human Settlements. A graduate of The Four Winds Light Body School as an energy medicine practitioner in shamanism, Nina is now working on a Masters degree in Theology. Through animated storytelling and a passion for personal growth, Nina engages the heart of mystical journeying and connect people with ‘the inner journey’.

QUESTIONS: Email us at Nina@DancingSpiritTours.com

Celtic Shamanism: A Pilgrimage in England

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