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December 21, 2017 at Healing World Outreach in Portsmouth.


Venue: Light up your own sacred space.
Come and show us and share your light
THE Universe asks of you to join us and make the light of unity shine with Stonehenge In The Spirit Of Unity

Invite those you care about to Unity Consciousness https://www.facebook.com/ancestrallight/

Men, women, and children around the world will gather to participate in the most comprehensive converged planetary action, affirmation of peace, love, forgiveness and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global heart and mind moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation and support returning human kind to soul led convergence and gathering.

World Healing urge you all, call for you all, outreach to the alls within you. physic-all – emotion-all – psychologic-all and spiritu-all – Let the Alls be with you for 1 minute and observe the year following. We can bring about a quickening of positive abundant, healthy for our world. Individuals and organisations participating need to do nothing other than for 1 minute silence the head and bring the gathering convergence into a mindful state..

This projection in convergence with hope will resonate world wide as a non-denominational, non-political movement functioning as a Beacon for hope in peace and unity. It was a grass roots community effort to unite people in a common bond of unity love we request bringing our planet back into a steady as she goes our dear Mother Earth Planet. Join thousands of us throughout the planet for World Unity Day. We don’t need Trumpets, festivals, Fayre, groups, actual gathering or expectations, just a simple affirmation that will take 1 precious minute out of your day. This window will be open for 24 hours and will send a Jet stream of intent and activity…

This one whole minute will create and project an energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic resonate in anyway that you wish. Ring your bell, bang your drum, meditate, pray, group together – what ever way suits you and your significant ones.

World Healing will be projecting out to enhance the vibratory effect as we converge our activity together for Global Unity.
If you cannot intone at noon, please connect anytime during the 23hrs

World Unity Day

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