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November 25, 2017 at HMP Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury.


We were the first paranormal events company to run nights at this brilliant prison and we can honestly say it is one of the best locations we have ever had access to!

Shrewsbury Prison is one of the oldest prisons in the UK and has a remarkable history including a very grisly one . The prison was also where executions took place, a time in history where the locals would push and shove their way in to watch . Some of those executed were buried within the prison’s outer walls and were unearthed many decades ago.

There has been a prison on this site since 1793, the prison finally closed it’s doors in 2013 .

We have access to the whole site including nearly 200 cells in A and C Wing, Healthcare, Governors Office, Kitchen, Sports Hall etc. Lots of areas!

This is not a night to miss and there will only be a few more selected dates due to the site being renovated very soon, we are so lucky to have gained access to this amazing location

Address: The Dana, Shrewsbury
HM Prison Shrewsbury Ghost Hunt - £59 P/P

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