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March 09, 2018 at Mysoulspace in Shrewsbury.


The Psycotherapeutic Benefits of Yoga
Toni Ann Roberts

“Mentalhealth.org.uk indicates about a quarter of the UK’s population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, with mixed stress, anxiety and depression the most common mental disorder in Britain.

As these conditions are likely to be felt in all parts of our being; physical, mental & emotional, a holistic approach such as Yoga Therapy is necessary in building resilience to these conditions whether acute or chronic, providing a firm foundation with which to face lifes challenges.

Inspired by The Minded Institute’s, 8 week Yoga Therapy for the Mind course, we will investigate and journey into the mind and body, drawing on ancient yogic principles, yoga postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation techniques, which form the foundation of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), two of the fastest growing new therapies for depression and anxiety in the UK.

With a set structure and 8 different themes throughout the day, each one building on the previous, you will learn and develop skills to regulate mood, rebalance and retrain the nervous system, to better manage stress and shift how you experience these physical, mental and emotional states. This is a practical and experiential day of learning so that the teachings can be felt, experienced and understood in all aspects of ones being.

We will discuss and explore techniques to attune to and hold space for your students whilst maintaining safe and effective boundaries.”

Asana – Playful Variations and Perfect Possibilities in Patanjalis Third Limb
Ambra Vallo

To round off the first unit of our teacher training, Ambra Vallo will take us deep into an exploration of the asana limb of yoga. Most of the poses that we practice in yoga today would have been unrecognisable to yogis more than a hundred years ago, but it is how we approach them that is important, not how they look or where they came from.

Ambra comes from a lifetime of training as a professional ballerina, as such she works with yoga postures that most of us can only stand back and be inspired by. But what she does is not important; she came to yoga to remedy years of intense training and it is how she practices safely, mindfully and intuitively in a way that suits her own body and experience which is enlightening. As an advanced Dharma, Forrest and Rocket yoga teacher, in this session she will lead us through a range of postures influenced by these styles, explaining the background philosophy and history of each school and the story behind them.
Looking at how to work safely towards more challenging asanas at your own pace and level there will be a particular focus on deepening your backbends and finding stability in your arm and hand balances.

Let go of your ego and your preconceptions and allow yourself to be guided through a day of fun and playful experimentation.

Address: Unit 2 Sweetlake Court, Mercian Close, Shrewsbury
Weekend Course for Yoga Teachers & Advanced Practioners

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